Contra Mestre Molejo

Diogo Rodrigues da Costa Oliveira (Contra Mestre Molejo), began practicing Capoeira at age 14 in the Group of Capoeira Resistência with Mestre Panão, and today he has more than 10 years of experience. During this period, he worked in academies, businesses, schools, clubs and was invited to participate on television programs, concerts and various events.
In 2004 he joined the Physical Education course in order to increase knowledge, combining the theories of physical education to the basics of Capoeira improving the content of their classes. In 2005 he began working with deaf people in Project Life (Derdic – PUC). In 2007 he was invited by Professor Denise Serio to go to the University Gama Filho in the postgraduate course in adapted physical education to speak about their experiences with deaf people and share his work with the adapted physical education students that helped to develop Project Life.