Grupo de Capoeira Molejo Brasil

Contra Mestre Molejo (Diogo Rodrigues da Costa Oliveira) began practicing capoeira at age 14 in Brazil with the Grupo de Capoeira Resistência under Mestre Panão, and today, he has more than ten years experience. In the past, he has worked and taught in several academies, businesses, schools, and clubs, and has been invited to participate in television programs, concerts and various events. In 2004, he completed a Physical Education program at the Uni de San't Anna in order to combine the theories of physical education with the basics of Capoeira and improve the content of his classes. In 2006, Contra Mestre Molejo took over his group in Saõ Paulo. In 2011, he moved to Dallas, Texas, where he now teaches the Grupo de Capoeira Molejo Brasil.